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Dear neighbours,

In May 2010, Real-Supermarket, located in the former „Rindermarkthalle“ (cattle marketplace) closed. The future use of the area has since been heavily debated. It is one of the last large urban spaces owned by the City of Hamburg.

The „Area(l)“, as we call it, is situated within our residential area. What happens here will certainly affect our neighbourhood. The strain caused by traffic, nightlife and tourism is likely to increase. However, there is a chance of change for the better – presupposed we state clearly what we believe is actually desirable, best suiting our everyday life and community.

As a first step, we have compiled a questionnaire in order to collect our preferences and needs. Please fill in your opinions and wishes. Tell others about it.

You can either:
a) download the questionnaire as PDF file. By the way you can fill in the answers directly into the PDF and then print them. Please return it at one of the places listed under „Collecting Points„.
b) or fill out the questionnaire online (below). The answers will be mailed to LAUT.

Please note that you don’t have to share any personal data (name etc.). The poll is anonymous.

1. What is your personal connection with the Areal, and what comes to mind, when you think of the location and, respectively, the old Rindermarkthalle building?
(Multiple entries possible)

I live nearby.

I used to shop there.

I have read/heard about the current planning.

I have had little to do with the Areal so far.

In regard to the Rindermarkthalle, I find especially important…

Regarding the area I'm particularly moved by...

Furthermore when I think about the Areal I also think of...

2. What impact will the Areal, and what happens thereabouts, have on the neighbourhood?

3. Five or ten years from now: please imagine you're strolling across the Areal – what does it look like?

Who might you come across on such a walk?

4. What do you wish to happen with the Areal (building and area)?

On the other hand: What would upset you?

What would you hope to find there of things that you have seen elsewhere?

5. Beyond the Areal: what do people need most in the neighbourhood?

6. If the Areal belonged to you, what would you do with it?

If you could decide, who should benefit from the Areal?

7. What do you need to actively participate in shaping the Rindermarkthalle?


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